Cape Town

Historically the place where trade routes meet and considered a gateway to Africa for business and leisure, Cape Town has long held a fascination for visitors from across the globe. Firmly rooted in its African heritage and culture, Cape Town, and the Western Cape Province (the Cape) is South Africa’s most progressive and innovative region where local government, the private sector and academia work together to create one of Africa’s leading cities for business, learning and leisure. Outperforming the rest of the country in terms of economic growth, the province also benefits from local government initiatives to help drive international investment, trade, and tourism in the Province.

With Table Mountain as backdrop the Mother City, as it is affectionately known by South Africans, is set within the unique Cape Floral Region, and surrounded by the internationally acclaimed Winelands that stretch from coast to coast, Cape Town welcomes the world to a vibrant cultural experience that is as hospitable as it is unique.

World-class Infrastructure

The Cape’s advanced infrastructure improves the region’s overall competitiveness when it comes to doing business which is why the number of company’s choosing the province as its base continues to rise year-on-year.

Easy Access

Cape Town International Airport is just 20 minutes from Cape Town’s CBD, and once in the city, getting around is easy and convenient by using the MyCiTi bus service, taxi’s e-hailing services or rail network.

Centre of Business

As one of the continent’s leading business hubs, the province understands that economic growth is at the heart of development success. Government and the private sector collaborate on several programmes to create an enabling environment for investment.

Culturally Diverse

Cape Town is a unique and socially diverse city. Its inhabitants have come from all four corners of the globe to make the city their home resulting in a creative, culinary, and cultural melting pot that enriches South Africa’s heritage and history.

Culture and People

Centuries of trade and immigration have created a population ith genetic and linguistic links to different parts of Europe, southeast Asia, India and Africa. The diverse cultural backgrounds gives the province a cosmopolitan flavour with an interesting history dating back to the KhoiSan people – the first inhabitants of the country.

With its broad range of influences from numerous cultures – historical and contemporary – Cape Town has a dynamic rich artistic tapestry today.

Cape Town has a bustling art and music culture with worldclass galleries and exhibitions taking place all the time.

Talented painters, sculptors, photographers, and musicians are continuously experimenting and offering new innovative work to which the hundreds of venues in and around Cape Town attest.

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