Abstract Submission

Abstract Topics

The Congress Program Committees invite submission of abstracts of excellent quality in all areas related to infectious diseases as detailed below:

Animal Models, Pathogenesis and Host Defenses
Antimicrobial Adverse Events
Antimicrobial Resistance
Antimicrobials: Antimicrobial Stewardship
Antimicrobials: Clinical Trials
Antimicrobials: Mechanisms and Spectrum
Antimicrobials: Pharmacology, PK/PD
Bacterial Infections
Big Data, Genomics and Infectious Diseases
Climate change and ecological factors in infectious diseases
Clinical Case Report/Series
COVID-19 Pathogenesis
COVID-19 Diagnostics and Therapeutics
COVID-19 Vaccines
COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control
COVID-19 Big Data, Surveillance and Contact tracing
COVID-19 Ethics and Misinformation
Device-related infections
Diagnostics & Molecular Technologies
Digital Health & Innovation
Economics, Health Policy and Implementation
Education Advancements in One Health
Emerging & Re-emerging Infectious Diseases
Ethical Issues in Infectious Diseases
Foodborne and Waterborne Diseases
Healthcare Associated Infections & Critical Care
HIV/AIDS and Other Retroviruses
Immunocompromised Hosts (non-HIV)
Infection Prevention & Control
Infections Related to Travel and Migration
Infections in Displaced Populations, Refugees and Migrants
Infectious Diseases challenges in low income settings
Infectious Diseases and Artificial Intelligence
Infectious Diseases and Digital Health
Infectious Disease Surveillance & Notification
Influenza and Other Respiratory Infections (non COVID-19)
Helminth Infections
Mycology, Fungal Infections & Antifungal Drugs
New Pathogen Discovery
Nosocomial Infections
Outbreak Modeling and Forecasting
Outbreak Preparedness
Outbreak Response and Control
Political Factors in Disease Emergence and Response
Public Communication of Outbreaks and Emerging Diseases
Rumors and Misinformation in Infectious Diseases
One Health
Parasitology and Parasitic Infections
Pediatric and Perinatal Infections
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Social Inequalities and Access Inequalities
Travel Medicine & Travel Health
Tuberculosis & Other Mycobacterial Infections
Tuberculosis and treatment resistance
Vaccines and Vaccine Development
Vector Borne Diseases and Vector Control
Viral Hepatitis
Virology & Viral Infections (non-HIV)
Zoonoses & Infections in Animals

*More information on abstract submission guidance and timelines coming soon.