Information for Sponsors

ISID promotes high-quality, globally relevant education and research in infectious diseases, the diagnosis of infections, clinical microbiology, and the therapeutics of viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. Support for these activities through sponsorship of symposia, research awards, educational grants, and meet-the-expert sessions are welcome. We also invite corporations and institutions to participate in the Congress’s exhibition and to place advertisements related to these subjects in conference materials.

Interested in sponsorship and exhibition opportunities? Contact Director of Business Development, Catherine Crowley.

The Conference Vetting System (CVS) of Ethical MedTech is a unique initiative in the healthcare industry.  It is a centralized decision-making system that encourages transparency and consistency in medical education events and alleviates the complex administrative burden previously faced by MedTech Europe and Mecomed members, who were constrained to make their own determinations on whether or not a third-party educational event they wished to provide support to was compliant with the associations’ respective Codes. The ISID Congress 2022 has been deemed to be COMPLIANT.